Chingari to Launch its $GARI Token on Major Exchanges

Short video sharing App, Chingari, has achieved significant milestone, after launching its token on six Exchanges simultaneously. The $GARI token will be available to trade on the exchanges from Tuesday, January 18th.
With more than 32 million users, the launch on Huobi Global, FTX , KuCoin, OKEx , MEXC Global and Gate Io gives Chingari a great start. In addition, the fact that Chingari operates on the Solana platform means that transactions involving its $GARI will be cheaper and more attractive. In particular, it is likely to rival tokens on Ethereum’s congested network.

Following its highly successful launch in October 2021, $GARI quickly gained popularity. A successful IDO on SolRazr in December followed the launch. India’s high population provides a rich pool of users, which is likely to stimulate organic growth.
Through its link to Chingari’s social media platform, $GARI stands a good chance of succeeding. Essentially, $GARI is likely to benefit from the existing 32+ million users on the social media platform. Additionally, users earn $GARI token by creating and watching short videos on Chingari. The reward scheme will likely incentivize more users to troop into Chingari to $GARI’s benefit.

About Chingari and $GARI

Chingari’s $GARI token is built to enable creators to build and operate their own e-commerce platforms. This enables them to mint NFTs, sell merchandise, and insert exciting filters on videos. Furthermore, it allows fans to reward their favorite creatives.
Usage of the Chingari social media platform has grown exponentially in India, with over 85 million downloads. In addition, it currently ranks as India’s most popular social media App on Google Play Store.
Except for MEXC, the other five are among the world’s top 20, with OKEx the only one outside the top 10. Therefore, $GARI’s simultaneous launch on six major platforms is a strong statement of intent.