Chingari, Fashion TV Partner For Exclusive NFTs and Content Streaming

Chingari, the blockchain-based video content sharing platform, has announced a partnership with Fashion TV (FTV), the world’s premier fashion television channel. The partnership will see Chingari have the exclusive rights to stream premium content from Fashion TV. Additionally, the two entertainment platforms will collaborate to create a “Fashion Metaverse” . Furthermore, Chingari will provide the platform for Fashion TV to launch its Fashion TV token.

The collaboration is a big deal, considering that Chingari is a relatively young platform. Therefore, the decision by FTV to partner with Chingari is a statement of faith in its abilities, based on the fast growth it has experienced in the past few months. For Fashion TV, it represents a  significant shift from the mainstream fashion ecosystem to a whole new universe, “the Fashion metaverse”, powered by blockchain technology. Notably, this is the first time FTV has collaborated with a short video streaming platform for its exclusive content.

As part of the partnership, Chingari and FTV will churn out 100 exclusive GARI Panda NFTs and FTV NFTs. The NFTs holders will earn the rights to access exclusive Fashion TV shows and parties. Additionally, they will have access the Fashion Metaverse for more earning opportunities. “The all exclusive 100 GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs will turn out to be a gold rush for artists and celebrities across the globe”, stated Sumit Ghosh, CEO and co-founder of Chingari.

Commenting on the joint project, FTV President Michel Adam Lisowski stated that it would offer fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to make great profits through the Panda NFTs. Also, it is likely that the collaboration will strengthen Chingari’s native $GARI token in the coming weeks. The token will likely experience increased use and demand since it will power all the content provided through the FTV project.

About Chingari

Dubbed “India’s Tiktok”, Chingari is a video-sharing platform built on the Solana ecosystem. It uses the same operating mechanism as TikTok and YouTube Shorts, allowing users to create, watch and share short videos. It integrated crypto in 2018, after its initial launch in 2018. Chingari has seen massive growth in its user numbers, with a community of more than 130 million users. 

About $GARI

$GARI is the native token on Chingari, and it has been around since October 2021. It is an SPL token, meaning that it is native to Solana. Also, it is listed on some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. $GARI powers the crypto-centric earning model on Chingari and currently transacts an average daily trading volume of more than $50 million.