Trading Education Videos

How to Trade with Pivot Levels

Anyone that has seen classic trading documentaries showing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange S&P Futures pit knows that there were no computers in the actual pit. Instead, traders developed other and simpler ways of figuring out how to trade, and one of those tools invented in the pits was the pivot [...]

Trading with Fibonacci Levels

Fibonacci retracement levels have become one of the main tools for the modern chartist and included in all popular trading platforms. Analyst’s plot the key Fibonacci retracement levels of 76.4%, 61.8%, 38.2%, 23.6%, and 50% to determine entry points either for shorts or longs and they can also identify levels [...]

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies and Manage Risk

Cryptocurrency trading has exploded in popularity over the past 2 years with a market capitalization over 264 billion has attracted both retail investors and big financial institutions around the globe searching for new investment vehicles. The basic investing rules also apply to cryptos but traders have to be even more [...]

Trading with Moving Averages and RSI

Moving averages and the RSI indicator are two of the most popular and simple indicators in technical analysis. Moving Averages used to identify trend direction, to generate potential buy and sell signals and also to generate support and resistance levels. Relative Strength Index indicator (RSI) is used to detect the [...]

Trading Breakouts

Trading price breakouts is an easy way to get going with trading as it is rather simple to identify them. In comparison, buying a pullback in price is much more complex, and usually takes a long time for new forex traders to master. Some traders will use classic patterns to [...]