Bybit Launchpad 2.0 to List DEFY Token

Bybit exchange has announced that its Bybit Launchpad 2.0 will list DEFY, the native and utility token for the DEFY platform. Bybit will be the venue for DEFY’s initial exchange offering. However the full spot listing will take place on August 15. Bybit’s user-friendly platform for emerging high potential crypto projects now includes DEFY, the latest in a long line of web3 initiatives. The Bybit Launchpad 2.0 is a completely redesigned and updated platform for innovative blockchain projects.

DEFY and what the Bybit Launchpad listing means

DEFY is an NFT blockchain mobile game where players can receive rewards for their efforts. The game immerses players in a metaverse that connects the virtual and real worlds in a seamless manner. Aside from code-breaking gaming, DEFY also incorporates augmented reality (AR) experiences into its hyper-casual gameplay style. With the DEFY token, gamers can buy game assets and engage with other gamers in order to improve their abilities as operatives in the game, as well

The DEFY token is a utility token that is essential to the in-game economy and interactions. It allows users to purchase in-game assets, engage with other users, and improve their gaming efficiency. To redeem DEFY tokens, players must first acquire FCOINS (in-game currency) by completing in-game challenges or purchasing them on Bybit Launchpad 2.0. Bybit Launchpad 2.0 provides users with early access to some of the most in-demand tokens currently available in the market.

Bybit users have the option of committing BIT in order to subscribe to token allocations or taking part in the new lottery mechanism that Launchpad 2.0 offers. Users are able to participate in this model by staking a small quantity of Tether (USDT). In exchange, they get an opportunity to win allocations of brand new tokens. Bybit Launchpad also allows users to purchase tokens that have performed well in past listings.