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BlueJay Games to Launch Arcade Champion on Sui Blockchain

Web3 infrastructure provider and creator of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, Mysten Labs, has now announced a partnership with game developer BlueJay Games. As a result of this collaboration, BlueJay Games will release its Web3 arcade game, Arcade Champion, for mobile devices on the Sui blockchain.

The Texas-based BlueJay Games is a renowned video game development studio. On the other hand, Sui can support a wide variety of dApp development at great speed and low cost because it is horizontally scalable. It was built from the ground up to give creators and developers the tools they need to make experiences for the billions of people who will use the third generation of the web.

Why the Sui Blockchain is a great match for Arcade Champion

With unique NFT editing, evolving, and merging capabilities, the Sui blockchain was developed with gaming, speed, and efficiency in mind. On the day Sui’s mainnet goes live, Arcade Champion will also go live. The game’s P2W features and NFT heroes will be available from the get-go.

Gameplay-wise, Arcade Champion is a modern take on the traditional arcade classics. The game combines traditional minigames for one or more players in a competitive environment with new aspects such as NFTs and play-to-own mechanics. It runs on a hero-based system, with NFTs representing the players’ individual heroes. These NFTs are vital in both single- and two-player modes, allowing players to amass additional points and coins on their way to arcade supremacy. They may be upgraded, traded, and fused.

By integrating Sui’s on-chain object and data storage, NFT-friendly architecture, and dynamic user-generated content support, Arcade Champion will have access to cutting-edge technology. The goal is to give gamers a sense of total immersion in the game they’re playing. Move is the foundational programming language for Sui’s gaming infrastructure, which in turn enables it to provide players with a delightful fun-focused gameplay.