BitTorrent Price Prediction:  Can It Ever Hit $1

Our BitTorrent price prediction gives mixed signals as the price is still trading inside a symmetrical triangle. The price needs to break out of this wedge to aim further upside. The recent redenomination of BTT crypto has made the technical analysis of the chart somewhat difficult. For a better understanding, we will be merging the price charts of the old and new versions.

Currently, the new BTT token is trading at $0.00000197 which is 87% down from April 2021 ATH. The coin has been in a constant downtrend since hitting ATH of $0.000013 last year. For our BitTorrent price prediction, we will divide the price chart of old BTT token with 1000 due to redenomination.

Latest BTT News

As per the latest BitTorrent news, the team is developing a BitTorrent blockchain. The mainnet of the first self-proclaimed heterogeneous cross-chain protocol went live in December 2021. According to latest BTT news, this new chain will be EVM compatible and foster Dapp development.

BitTorrent price prediction has also been hugely affected by Justin Sun’s exit of Tron. BTT crypto is still available as a TRC-10 Token on Tron and ERC-20 Token on Ethereum. If you’re asking yourself ‘Is BitTorrent crypto a good investment?’, then you must check our BTT price prediction. After redenomination, BTT current circulating supply stands at 923 Trillion.

BitTorrent Price Prediction

Technical analysis of BitTorrent price chart shows that the cryptocurrency is still not out of hot waters. There seems to be a little support at the $0.0000019 level. However, the price is still trading around these levels and might break it on another retest. Such a situation would be very bearish and could send BTT coin price in a long bear trend.

Nevertheless, if BitTorrent price breaks out of the triangle then a major bullish move could come. In such a scenario, the $0.000005 level could become a resistance. If price reclaims this level, then 0.000009 seems to be a valid BitTorrent price prediction 2022. It is important to note here that any break of the $0.0000019 support would invalidate this prediction. The huge circulating supply of BTT torrent makes it impossible to hit $1. It would put it at a ridiculous market cap of 923 Trillion which is impossible for BTT to achieve.

BitTorrent Price Chart

BTT-USD Price Chart