Bitsgap Introduces DCA Trading Bot As It Targets Broader Market Appeal

Cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitsgap, has introduced a trading bout that supports Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) trading strategy. The DCA bot brings to users exciting new features that promise to increase profit margins and enhance their trading experience. For example, the trading signals provided by numerous indicators provide more precise entry and exit possibilities. In addition, it provides risk management options to enhance automated trading. Users can profit when they get what they want, or they can get out of the market if the momentum changes.

Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves spreading the trading capital at different entry prices with the intention of getting the best overall average trading price. In the absence of a DCA bot, traders have to spend a lot of time researching and studying multiple charts. Furthermore, human emotion often interferes with decision making. Often this is a result of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)as well as Fear and Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

Accessibility is key to the user experience derived from any trading tool. With this in mind, Bitsgap has gone on its way to deliver a DCA bot that is flexible by making it accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. Therefore, you can access it in the comfort of your home, at the office or on the move. Furthermore, it comes with an intuitive user interface, making it a great tool even for newbies. Also, it is available 24/7, ensuring that you do not miss out on trading opportunities in the ever-active crypto market.

Bitsgap on a rebranding mission

The DCA bot is another effort by Bitsgap as it continues to increase its product features as part of an expansion strategy. Bitsgap has recently embarked on a rebranding campaign, with an improved and more attractive website already in place. It is evidently keen on leveraging its reputation as the go-to crypto trading platform for both pros and learners.