Bitgert Price Prediction: Must Read Before Buying BRISE

Unlike most analysts, our Bitgert price prediction is not that bullish. The reason is that the Brise price has already increased by more than 150% within the past 2 weeks. Many bottom buyers must view the current price as a good selling level. Therefore, it is better to wait for a pullback before jumping on the bandwagon.

While most cryptocurrencies are showing negative price action during Tuesday’s trading session, the Bitgert coin is still 3% up from yesterday. The price started to increase after the project’s official Twitter hinted at major news on 1st September 2022. Many investors rushed to buy the BRISE coin in anticipation of the big announcement.

At the time of writing, Bitgert price is trading at $0.00000093 on Pancakeswap. Due to very high volatility, there is a huge difference in the prices on different exchanges. Traders are benefitting from these price differences via arbitrage. You can buy BRISE by signing up on the top exchange Kucoin.

According to Bitgert news, the native dex of the platform known as Bitgertswap is now being tracked by DeFi Llama. As per the top DeFi tracking website, there is currently $30,394 locked on the platform.

Bitgert Price Prediction

Technical analysis of the BRISE USD price chart shows a massive bounce from the upwards trendline. This news was fuelled by the announcement of a major event by the project team. Considering the price history of most cryptocurrencies, such pumps are not sustainable. It is very common for prices to plummet right after big events. Therefore, it is much better to wait for a healthy pullback before entering any big position.

Performing a Fibonacci-based technical analysis on the BRISE price chart, we get a Bitgert price prediction of $0.00000120. This level aligns with a supply zone and a 0.618 Fib retracement level. If the ongoing momentum continues, then the price could hit this level by 1st September. To avoid getting stuck in a fakeout, it is better to put a stop loss below the $0.00000076 level.

Bitgert Daily Chart

Technical analysis of Bitgert price chart 1D.
Bitgert Price Chart 1D