Bitgert Price Prediction: Are We in a Price Reversal?

In today’s trading session, Bitgert price is up by 13 per cent and showing signs that prices may continue to rise throughout the day. However, despite today’s price gain, Bitgert has struggled in the past few weeks, which has seen its prices drop from trading at $0.0000016 price level On August 30 to the current price of $0.00000088. This is a drop of 45 per cent in value in a span of less than two weeks. 

Price History

Although Brise has dropped by more than 45 per cent in less than two weeks, the data paints a different picture when looked at using a long-term perspective. In June, Bitgert’s price was bleeding in the market and ended up closing with a price loss of 49 per cent.

This was in addition to the 29 per cent value it had lost in May. However, the tide in the markets started to change by in July, and at some point, Bitgert was up by over 30 per cent. However, the prices would come down again, which saw Brise closing the month with a price gain of only 2.4 per cent.

However, by the time we were entering August, the entire cryptocurrency industry was performing. Bitgert also started to trade in tandem with the markets, and by mid-month, it was outperforming the cryptocurrency industry.

The strong and aggressive push to the upside continued until the last days of the month, and at some point, Bitgert was up by as much as 320 per cent for the month. However, the late trading hours of August 30 saw prices dropping by 20 per cent. Since then, Bitgert has traded downwards until today.

Bitgert Price Prediction

Looking at what has happened in the past two weeks, it is likely that we are witnessing another push to the upside that will be as aggressive as what we saw in the early days of August. Today’s price surge after Brise recently hit the $0.00000083 price level indicates a possible reversal. 

Therefore, my Bitgert Price Prediction expects a return of Bitgert prices to trading above the $0.0000010 price level. There is a high likelihood that, in the long-term, we might see prices breaking last month’s price high of $0.0000016 price level. My bullish analysis will only be invalidated by prices dropping below the support level of $0.00000083.

Bitgert Daily Chart