Binance Launches Free Blockchain and Web3 Online Causes

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, now offers free online educational courses. The new program is a substantial addition to Binance Academy’s existing global education program, which already features multimedia content, Learn & Earn campaigns, and the University Outreach Program. The company’s educational initiatives are being spearheaded by Binance Academy, one of the blockchain industry’s largest learning hubs.

The program’s ultimate goal is to educate millions of people about blockchain technology, digital currencies, and web3. According to the company, over 5 million people have taken part in their Learn & Earn programs. Furthermore, over 70 renowned universities, such as Harvard, MIT, and Oxford, have joined their University Outreach Program.

Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi said: “We believe that creators and builders shape our industry’s future. Therefore, empowering more creators and builders with knowledge is key. Binance, the industry leader, bears great responsibility for education, and we will continue to push innovation through education.”

What to expect from the revamped Binance Academy

As the world prepares to transition to Web3, it is becoming increasingly important to acquire the relevant skillsets required. The educational offerings at Binance Academy are extensive, and in the future, the company hopes to add more advanced-level offerings for its students. The first course is a six-part introduction to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, Web3, the Metaverse, and cryptocurrency trading and investment. Furthermore, as part of its mission to help people succeed in the blockchain and Web3 industries, the company will also provide professional certificate programs.

Binance Academy currently features the first English language instalment of “Blockchain Fundamentals.” The remaining five modules will go out over the next few months, and the company will be adding support for even more languages in the coming weeks. Learners who successfully finish the program and meet the requirements will get NFT certificates.