Stavros Tousios
Stavros leads the Investment Research Team at a reputable Forex broker. He has been involved in the financial markets since 2014 and in cryptocurrencies trading since 2017. In 2014 Stavros was first introduced to former GS traders during his MBA degree at Sussex University, UK, where he also graduated with a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Since then, his trading skills evolved from trading proprietary strategies to developing successful algorithmic strategies. He can be found giving interviews on Bloomberg Asharq and CNBC Arabia. Stavros' passion shifted to Elliott Waves and producing engaging educational content.

Elliott Waves Hint at Cardano Price Bottom Near 55 Cents!

As if the ramp-up of Chinese authorities clamping down crypto-related activities was not enough, major banks’ decision to cease the facilitation of cryptocurrency transactions added further pessimism to the cryptocurrency markets, and the Cardano price. While the crash continues, all digital currencies continue to fall to lows not seen since […]

MATIC Coin Price Forecast: EW Hint A Drop To $1 is Possible

MATIC, the multichain aggregator protocol built on Ethereum, is reporting equal trading volumes as to its mother blockchain network, Ethereum. Matic, the high-speed and gas-less alternative cryptocurrency and technology, certainly attract high interest from developers and users, which may be seen as a valid reason to expect further gains in […]