Mircea Vasiu
Mircea Vasiu
Mircea, MBA in International Business graduating Magna Cum Laudae, trades for a living and contributes to various financial publications for more than six years. He writes about macroeconomics, stock indices, currencies, and most recently ETFs and individual stocks. For the past decade, he’s involved in everything trading related, mostly in the currency market, both with manual and algorithmic trading.

Gold Price

Gold Price Remains Weak Despite the NFP Bounce

The price of gold bounced from the $1,860 area last Friday on a worse than expected NFP report in the United States. Despite the general weakness in the dollar, the move higher did not break the series of lower highs, and now the market meets horizontal resistance. Commodities remain well […]

Ethereum ETHUSD

Ethereum Price Prediction: $2,200 Support Must Hold

Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, move in a tight range lately. That is, a tight range for the cryptocurrency market, where the price action is more active than on the traditional markets. Nevertheless, the market is in a waiting mode. As Bitcoin found support at the […]

EUR/USD Bearish Setup – Double Top Hints to More Downside

The EUR/USD pair and the traditional FX market have taken a step back when it comes to volatility. The volatility in the financial markets dropped to extremely low levels, as seen by the S&P500 index closing about 0.22% from the highs or lows of the previous day for seven consecutive […]

AMC Stock Price: Possible Pennant Suggests More Continuation

The volatility in the traditional financial markets has decreased significantly in the last trading days, but not on the so-called meme-stocks. The AMC stock price just had a tremendous rally yesterday, squeezing higher on a combination of call options buying and short-squeezing. AMC is just the stock replica of a […]