AscendEX To List Fuse Network’s FUSE Token

Cryptocurrency exchange, AscendEX, has announced the listing of the Fuse token (FUSE). The listing takes effect from March 9th, 2022, at 2 PM UTC. The development is part of the Fuse Network’s mission of bringing crypto payments and decentralized finance to the masses. Additionally, it aims to empower communities, businesses, and organizations. Also, Fuse enables businesses and institutions to create delegated proof-of-stake blockchains with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs). It also provides a low-cost mobile payment infrastructure that is intuitively easy to use.

The key driving force behind the Fuse network is to make tokenized payments and DeFi more widely available. As a result, it enables communities and microeconomies to focus on payments, and the listing of FUSE brings that dream closer to reality. As a direct bridge to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which are two of the largest hubs for the DeFi industry, Fuse stands a great chance of succeeding with the masses.

Aside from that, AscendEX is building an ecosystem that is robust, diverse, and well-suited for various users. Users can range from advanced yield strategists/traders to those who are having their first feel of the DeFi ecosystem.

FUSE is the platform’s native token, and it powers several functions on the Fuse network. They include payment of gas fees, enabling token holders to become validators and staking, which enables earning. Additionally, FUSE serves as the governance token, enabling holders to vote on the platform’s development.  

About AscendEX

A cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018, AscendEX offers staking, spot and futures trading, and other services. Additionally, the company supports over 200 blockchain projects. By supporting some of the most innovative projects from the DeFi ecosystem, AscendEX has emerged as an industry leader by ROI in its “initial exchange offerings”.

About Fuse

Fuse is an easy-to-use, low-cost plug-and-play mobile payments infrastructure with a blockchain-powered decentralized platform backed by an open-source blockchain. As part of its mission, it aims to facilitate the mass adoption of crypto payments and decentralized finance (DeFi). This platform includes an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain with delegated proof of stake (dPoS) capability.