Ariane Capital Expands its Crypto Product Line Following a Successful 2021

Ariane Capital is one of the few financial institutions in Europe with a long history of working with cryptocurrencies, dating back to 2014. The company has therefore been handling digital assets right from when the crypto market was still in its infancy. This means that it has a good understanding of the market dynamics. It has spread its wings from mainstream finance and is increasing its foothold on crypto assets. To achieve this, it is offering exciting new cryptocurrency-linked investment products.

Ariane Capital’s journey in the crypto world

Despite the fact that Ariane Capital has been a technology-focused family office since its founding, it took a while before they started to provide cryptocurrency liquidity.

It took us a few years to open our bank account and create liquidity for our clients, but it allowed us to be ahead of and in sync with the whole crypto universe.”

Benjamin Guez, the company co-founder.

Over the last seven years, the company has transformed from a purely multifamily office. It has significantly expanded its presence in the cryptocurrencies sector.

An experienced team of financial market specialists and seasoned fund managers have joined the company over the years. Therefore, the company is able to provide effective risk management. In addition, this has resulted in Ariane Capital now possessing the internal competence to assess the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is also able to design its products, invest and contribute to its development.

What investment options does Ariane Capital present?

Ariane Capital provides a wide range of services, including legal structuring and the establishing of depositories.

Its success story in the crypto market is largely down to its ability to identify arbitrage opportunities in a volatile market.  

Ariane Capital is one of the first to offer a regulated and structured arbitrage fund, through its ARBA FUND (KYG2578H1039 / CSFCMHF KY) (Bloomberg)

The arbitrage fund has proven to be the right move by the company. It has been performing exceptionally well in a market that has been struggling in recent times. ARBA FUND’s performance has shown great growth prospects. For instance, in May 2021 it had a monthly return of +0.12% while the market was down by more than 50%. 

The fund’s performance was +41.75% in 2020. According to the firm, it expects the 2021 performance to be closer to +15%. The reduced performance in 2021 is attributed to a significant reduction in arbitrage gaps and reduced opportunities last year. The company has also launched a new product line, christened ARBA SPIN.


In the words of Ariane Capital’s co-founder Benjamin Guez, ARBA SPIN is “A certificate actively managed by the ARIANE CAPITAL management team, with a long-term directional objective mixing fundamental analysis of the crypto universe and the ability to seize opportunities identified within.”

The ARBA SPIN certificate (CH1100420475) returned +12.5% in its first month in the market at a time when the global cryptocurrency market was in a downtrend. Mr Guez attributes this success to the management team’s alpha generator qualities, which allowed them to spot numerous promising prospects. Options and futures will be used as a risk management tool for this product.