Arcade Launches Mission Pool Operators Program to Attract More Users

Arcade has launched Mission Pool Operator (MPO) program, a platform that will enhance accessibility to GameFi and P2E gaming. As a leading GameFi operator, Arcade is keen on promoting inclusion in the P2E arena. The MPO concept will involve leasing NFTs from the Arcade pool to P2E players. Additionally, it caters to the needs of a majority of gamers since the pool supports games on the BNB chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and other blockchains.

The other consequential aspect of MPOs is that they will generate earnings for Arcade users, even without playing games. Essentially, mission pools are common pools where Arcade users can stake their NFTs and earn rewards in the form of leasing fees charged by the pool.

 The leased NFTs reduce the cost of participating in P2E, especially for players who cannot afford their retail market price. Therefore, the players can use the NFTs for gaming interactions while generating their income and earning the token owners staking rewards as well. Evidently, Arcade has shifted its focus to lower-income communities and the MPO concept is likely to attract many talented players from the low-income bracket.

Arcade has made it easy for anybody to contribute to Mission Pools. Therefore, individual players, guilds, and even eSports teams can participate in MPOs. One has to fulfill the key requirement to have adequate amounts of $xArcade tokens for the particular Mission Pool they are interested in.  

Furthermore, MPOs give guilds and teams excellent opportunities to attract more players. Also, players can leverage Arcade’s NFTs to enhance their gaming portfolios while earning rewards. The decentralization of P2E gaming has made it easier for everyone to access GameFi. Therefore, Arcade is keen on exploiting its global reach to attract more users. 

About Arcade

Arcade is a decentralized gaming platform that targets to bring P2E to the masses. It seeks to make P2E accessible even to everyone by providing solutions for players who do not own gaming assets. Players and guilds provide the gaming resources through mission pools.  On the other hand, gamers, teams, and guilds can stake their assets, which allow other participants to lease.