ApeX Pro Launches with Airdrop and Trade-to-Earn Campaign

In a retroactive airdrop, ApeX Pro, a derivatives DEX, is giving away 1.5 million $APEX tokens to traders and influencers. The new order book approach on the platform takes advantage of StarkEx’s scalability engine to facilitate high-altitude trades. ApeX Protocol’s native token, $APEX, grants its holders voting rights, incentive structures inside the protocol, and other privileges within the community.

The ApeX Protocol, on which ApeX Pro is based, is a distributed, non-custodial network designed to facilitate high-throughput, precision trading in the OTC derivatives space. The platform seeks to facilitate faster transaction and settlement times, lower costs, and more cross-chain adaptability. Compared to current DEXs, this will greatly improve the speed and efficiency with which traders may engage in crypto derivatives transactions.

ApeX Pro airdrops and order book model

ApeX Pro’s release will also herald the introduction of the protocol’s trade-to-earn incentive token, $BANA, which is created from a total of 50,000,000 $APEX and subject to a 12-month lock-up term. There will be a 500,000 $APEX airdrop rewards pool for influencers that try out ApeX Pro, publish and share reviews of the platform during beta, and meet deposit and trading conditions during the mainnet launch.

ApeX Pro not only offers traders simple platform onboarding but also more cross-chain asset support to meet their varying trading preferences by delivering an order book model and facilitating multi-chain deposits and withdrawals for EVM-compatible chains.

All professional traders who have deposited and traded on ApeX Pro once it becomes live on mainnet and have previously traded on ApeX Protocol’s elastic Automated Market Maker (eAMM) version or other specified DEXs will receive up to one thousand Apex (APEX) as part of the airdrop. ApeX Pro’s goal is to provide Web 3.0 traders with the advantages of social trading without the need for intermediaries.

Traders using the platform can earn $BANA tokens through weekly Trade-to-Earn events. Their payouts depend on the sum of fees and rewards accrued over the course of a given week’s. Therefore, $BANA will fuel trading on ApeX Pro. As a trader’s $BANA balance grows, so do the opportunities available to them on ApeX Pro. In addition, after the lock-up period ends, holders can either donate their $BANA to a Buy & Burn Pool (BBP) or convert it back to $APEX at a pro-rata rate.