Animoca Brands, TinyTap Create NFT Earning for Publishers

Today, Animoca Brands, the top web3 IP gaming firm, and TinyTap, a premier platform for user-generated educational games, announced that on 15 December 2022, at 19:00 (EST), they will auction off the second batch of teacher-authored Publisher NFTs on OpenSea. Thanks to TinyTap’s new publication rights feature, the NFT community can now financially back and extensively distribute digital educational content.

TinyTap and the disruptive approach to online educational content

Newly developed TinyTap Publisher NFTs utilize Web3 technology and community to boost educator income, expand promotional opportunities for co-publishers, and give the wider community more say in fostering the development of education. Incorporating publisher NFTs into digital asset, creator, educator, and blockchain ecosystems creates significant new value. This could prove significantly disruptive to the educational content creation sector.

With their innovative approach to the educational material market, TinyTap and Animoca Brands stand out from more conventional platforms like MasterClass. TinyTap Courses are subject-focused collections of instructional games developed on the TinyTap platform by a single teacher and licensed under a Publisher NFT. Those who purchase these NFTs join TinyTap and the Course’s authoring instructor as co-publishers. This creates a greater incentive for users to join the platform.

The Web3-based Publisher NFTs present TinyTap’s educators with a huge uptick in earning potential, even though they were already making money for content production in the more conventional Web2 architecture. In exchange for helping sell and promote related Courses, NFT purchasers receive a cut of the profits made through co-publishing.

Teachers who take part in the program receive 10% of the continuing revenue generated by their Courses. Also, they receive 50% of the net proceeds from the auction of the Publisher NFTs associated to those Courses. On the other hand, a buyer of a Publisher NFT is eligible to receive up to 80% of the money made by the Courses advertised by the Publisher NFT they purchased.