Ambire Launches Integration with 100K for Grabs

The plugin for the open-source smart contract wallet Ambire is now available. This integration is the result of a partnership between the two companies and allows users to access the app directly from the Ambire Wallet dApp Catalog. To mark the occasion, the developers have prepared a special crypto-prize contest just for Ambire users.

Event promotion will occur between November 3, 2022 (Thursday) and November 17, 2022 (Saturday). After participating in the two-week-long promotion, Ambire users will enter into a raffle for a chance to win $1,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency. Winners will be selected at random through a lottery draw, and there are a number of different prize tiers to choose from.

How swappin gifts aligns with Ambire Wallet’s mission

With coverage in over 40 countries and compatibility for thousands of crypto currencies across various blockchains, enables customers to buy from a wide variety of gift cards. This software is the result of combined efforts by seasoned professionals and is a cutting-edge Web3 application. Its decentralized settlement provides an innovative and game-changing alternative to conventional off-ramp solutions.

There are presently over 80,000 active users of Ambire Wallet, which is an open-source smart contract wallet. Its design allows users to store and manage their own cryptocurrency and smart contracts. This platform allows users to select and buy hybrid digital-physical experiences with minimal effort. From within the convenience of their own Ambire Wallet dashboards, users can exchange their crypto assets for gift cards (vouchers).

This fall, Ambire Wallet introduced its plug-in mechanism and dApp Catalog. Because of this, the smart contract wallet is now a Web3 entry point. This provides users with a curated selection of dApps that they can use to interact with 12 different EVM chains. Furthermore, they can do all this without ever leaving the dashboard. Because of its user-friendly and well-known interface, exploring Web3 is a quite enjoyable.