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0xytocin Labs Announces Acquisition of Web3 Developer, Chain Scouts

0xytocin Labs has announced the acquisition of P2E, NFT and metaverse developer Chain Scouts. The move aims at expanding 0xytocin’s footprint in the blockchain ecosystem. The Chain Scouts community will have access to a new and unique multi-chain game. Also, a staking game will be ready sometime during the fourth quarter. Players will be able to participate in the game using NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon, known as Omni-Chain Ships. Additionally, owners of Chain Scouts NFT collections will be eligible to get free ships when they claim their first collection.

What next for 0xytocin labs?

0xytocin Labs is a web3 product firm that specializes in providing cutting-edge NFT drops. These drops are possible thanks to the company’s proprietary suite of products, 8080 Tools. The company is working on developing an environment for Chain Scouts while simultaneously developing a no-code set of tools that will make it possible for anybody to easily create an NFT ecosystem. This company is responsible for a wide variety of NFT projects, including Project Godjira and SkyVerse.

Latter in the third quarter, Chain Scouts community members will have the opportunity to participate in a metaverse experience. In addition, the development of an additional pixel-art metaverse experience will begin during the current quarter. This new development in the NFT staking game universe will be the beginning of the journey. Exciting NFT partner collaborations will also be an essential component of the game dynamics.

The metaverse will be accessible through a Minecraft server developed in conjunction with 1UP Nova and NFT Worlds. 0xytocin Labs has been seeing steady expansion and will take the helm as the leader of the Chain Scouts ecosystem. It is aims to expand rapidly henceforth, thanks to their wealth of knowledge and insatiable appetite for innovation. Currently, 0xytocin’s products have successfully mined over 5000 ETH and have performed more than 30 safe NFT drops.