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World Mobile Integrates BNB Chain and Ethereum Bridges

World Mobile, a blockchain-based telecommunications service provider driven by the sharing economy, has announced the launch of cross-chain bridges to both BNB Chain and Ethereum. The move will enable users to safely and easily transfer World Mobile Token (WMT) across Cardano, BNB Chain, and Ethereum.

The move to bridge to Cardano, BNB Chain and Ethereum comes weeks after its partnership with Conflux Network, the only public blockchain in China that complies with all applicable regulations. The integration with Conflux saw the first-ever bridging of WMT outside of the Cardano ecosystem.

How it all fits into World Mobile’s mission

World Mobile is building a mobile ecosystem where all users can make money and have more control over their own data and networks. It is a decentralised alternative to conventional mobile networks in which local entrepreneurs all over the world can run nodes on the network to connect their communities to the internet and generate income in the process. One of World Mobile’s goals is to increase the number of people using its sharing economy by extending its reach across different blockchains.

The company’s multi-chain strategy includes the creation of cross-chain bridges to expose its expanding ecosystem to a wider audience. More users will be able to take use of World Mobile’s mobile data solution if they are introduced to WMT through the BNB Chain and Ethereum communities.

Zachary Vann, Head of Token at World Mobile Token, said: “This is a significant step forward for our multi-chain strategy, as it will enable our token to access the rich and diverse ecosystems on both chains. It will also enhance the interoperability and liquidity of WMT, and support further growth of World Mobile’s AyA sidechain.”

Because of the latest effort, WMT will have more liquid markets, making it easier for traders to enter and exit positions. In addition, World Mobile’s sidechain AyA will soon incorporate both BNB Chain and Ethereum, giving its EarthNode operators more options.