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Wingbits Joins peaq Network to Take Web3 and DePIN to The Sky

Peaq network has maintained its momentum in expanding its ecosystem, integrating Wingbits, a project building a platform for crowdsourcing flight data. The rewards mechanism at the heart of Wingbits’s expanding global network will be decentralised by utilising peaq as its DePIN-focused layer-1 backbone.

An alternative to radar in relaying flight data

Wingbits is developing a DePIN, or decentralised physical infrastructure network, through which users will plug in to feed real-time flight data in exchange for rewards in cryptocurrency.  It is the equivalent of having hundreds of antennae all across the world working together to provide real-time flight tracking, which anybody can view on a live map.

In recent years, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) data has emerged as an innovative substitute for radar systems in monitoring flight data. It can broadcast aircraft identities, current positions, and altitudes, which other planes and ground control can track and use for their needs.

Wingbits has integrated financial incentives to encourage the installation of ADS-B antennas and the subsequent collection of signals from ADS-B transponders on aeroplane traffic. The core mechanisms and tools of Wingbits’ DePIN will be decentralised by utilising peaq as its layer-1 backbone. To identify newly connected antennas to the network, it will use self-sovereign peaq IDs.

Furthermore, Wingbits will leverage peaq to provide shared ownership of certain hexadecimal (hex) locations on the globe map. Each portion will be denoted by an NFT, enhancing the holder’s owners’ ability to provide coverage. In order to divide the rewards among the hex owners, Wingbits will use peaq’s reward pallet and take into account the amount of data each owner has submitted as part of the DePIN.

The Wingbit community has showcased enthusiasm over the project and has already built a DePIN consisting of over 230 antennas spread over 6 continents. The information gathered in this manner powers its live sky map and has several potential uses, including but not limited to: research, research enthusiasm, operations at airports and airlines, aviation insurance, passenger updates, and the development or improvement of aviation apps and services.