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Web3 Education Project Kabuni Launches Commemorative NFTs “Stake a Future” launch with 10,000 Steamboat Willie-inspired

Kabuni, the web3 project on a mission to revolutionise education using blockchain technology, has launched “Stake a Future,” a set of 10,000 Steamboat Willie-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The launch marks an important milestone in Kabuni’s mission of empowering individuals through technology to reach their full potential and effect positive change.

In keeping with the innovative spirit, holders of these NFTs not only have the opportunity to earn Kabuni COIN (KBC), but they also have the power to vote on the future of Kabuni.

Kabuni’s mission

By taking an innovative approach that prioritises projects with significant impacts, Kabuni is reshaping crowdfunding for the Web3 age. Supporting ventures with high potential while giving actual benefits to investors represents the unique way the Kabuni model intertwines participation and returns.

Educators, parents, and carers can all play a role in helping children have fun and healthy immersive learning experiences, and Kabuni aims to establish a new category of safe digital education that does just that. By contributing to the community, completing lessons, and hitting milestones, users can earn Kabuni COINs.

New learning methods developed by Kabuni go beyond static curriculum. Students in this ecosystem experience more engaging and interactive educational content; enabling them to gain future-proof abilities while exploring and immersing themselves in Web3 technologies in a virtual setting. In the end, Kabuni came up with a one-stop solution that incorporates software, hardware, and content to build the revolutionary “classroom of the future.”

The ChangeMaker NFT

Steamboat Willie, who rose from humble beginnings to become a global phenomenon, is the inspiration behind the ChangeMaker NFT programme. Kabuni ChangeMaker NFT, will help break down barriers between digital and physical assets, enabling the project to Stake a Future in every corner of the world as it expands.

With today’s launch, Kabuni has gone beyond just revolutionising the K-12 education industry to include venture development, cryptocurrency exchange, and finance applications, marking a critical evolution in digital asset innovation.

There are 10,000 tickets available for users to mint today in preparation for the February 14 launch of Kabuni’s ChangeMaker NFT. Users can secure a spot at the launch and set their own price for the ChangeMaker NFT using these tickets; the lower the ticket number, the cheaper the price.