Unizen Gets $200 Million From Global Emerging Markets (GEM) …

Unizen Centralized, decentralized exchange just announced a $200 million capital expenditure by  Global Emerging Markets (GEM) to boost innovation and growth. The funding comes as they hit a new milestone, and its main aim is to maximize the funding fully.

An announcement on  27 June 2022 stated that the funding will enable Unizen to spearhead the fast-growing future of centralized-decentralized Finance. Unizen intends to use the finances to add its staff, market its products, boost innovation, and improve its systems to fast-track the execution of the trade aggregation ecosystem. 

We are proud to welcome GEM to the Unizen Ecosystem as a potent and strategically aligned growth partner that can support the rapid expansion of the Unizen platform, brand and community.” 

said CEO of Unizen, Sean Noga.

Using the latest funding by GEM, Unizen is on track to be the first CeDeFi exchange to link the functionality of the First and Third-party Centralized exchange aiming to meet the needs of institutional and retail traders. The exchange has a proprietary aggregator that helps find the cheapest efficient band and fastest trade routes across many DEXs and CEXs like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Binance etc.

GEM aims at tapping into emerging markets; that’s why they have added Unizen to its investment vessels. The company has operated in 72 countries globally and has offices in Nassau, Bahamas, New York and Paris.

GEM chose to invest in Unizen aiming to be involved in the new technology that will be the future of Finance. With GEMs funding, Unizen intends to provide its users with reliable performance and a safe environment for high-frequency trading to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Unizen offers an effective asset exchange among multiple trade aggregation technologies, and it is also launching ZenX Labs to facilitate the growth of decentralized applications (DApps). In addition, the platform incubates CeDeFi apps that support their growth by offering technical expertise and techniques to manage their growth by ensuring that they are fully compliant. Finally, the platform also offers rewards and incentives to holders of the natie $ZCX Token. The token holders will profit as the incubated businesses grow via the dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (DMAS), which allows the projects to specify rewards for the unizen community once they become profitable or achieve long-term success.

The Token is available on many exchanges like Uniswap, Unizen Kucoin  MEX, Gate and BitMart.