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Ubisoft Partners With Immutable to Transform Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming platform Immutable has announced a new partnership with Ubisoft, the French gaming company best known for its “Assassin’s Creed” titles. The collaboration between the two companies seeks to offer players a unique gaming experience, geared toward unlocking the potential of web3. The partnership is significant, as it brings together two of the companies leading the gaming revolution in Web3 ecosystem.

What it brings to Web3 gaming

Immutable has built a gaming platform that makes it easier for both established studios and individual developers to build and release high-quality games on the Ethereum blockchain.  The alliance has come, in part due to the company’s existing blockchain infrastructure and proven expertise in integrating decentralised functions into games. This aligns with Ubisoft’s industry ambitions and provides a strong foundation for the two companies’ onslaught on the gaming market.

Ubisoft has been using its Strategic Innovation Lab to find new ventures in decentralisation, and Immutable will leverage the newly found partnership to advance its goal of providing digital ownership to gamers. Ubisoft plans to make the most of Immutable’s extensive ecosystem, technology, and knowledge to build the premier web3 gaming platform, drawing on the company’s extensive experience generating high-quality games.

Ubisoft emphasizes that the collaboration will allow it to implement a seamless experience within a full game, leaving the players free to focus on having fun. This is a familiar territory for Ubisoft, having been involved in blockchain R&D for several years.

On the other hand, Immutable has increased its focus on zero knowledge (zk) rollup and recently released the test network for their zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup gaming solution, Immutable zkEVM. ZK-rollups are a major layer-2 Ethereum scaling technique that enables high-throughput and low-cost transactions for decentralised applications. It followed that with successful game demos for some of its major games, Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound and Infinite Victory.