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TYRION Moves to Build its Decentralised Advertising Platform on Base Chain

TYRION, the decentralised advertising platform, has made the strategic decision to integrate with Coinbase’s Base Chain. To achieve its goal of revolutionising and decentralising the $377 Billion digital advertising market, TYRION says it aims to leverage Base Chain’s strong scalability, security, and efficiency.

Base Chain aligns with TYRION’s mission

TYRION believes that by choosing to develop on Base Chain, it is demonstrating its dedication to being at the forefront of technological innovation. This will enable it to provide advertisers with advertising solutions that are unrivaled in their transparency, efficiency, community incentive, and innovation.

By expanding on Base Chain, TYRION says it will be able to reach a wider audience and draw on the resources of a thriving community of developers, innovators, and end users. Decentralised advertising is one of the top 10 next big things in the blockchain business, according to Coinbase and Base Chain CEO Brian Armstrong.

Armstrong says that advertising has been Web2’s most successful economic model, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that ads of some kind will have a strong presence in Web3. However, he believes that there is a need to improve upon the existing ad model, since developers and Web 3 companies are becoming more and more eager to pay for distribution.

The extremely low transaction fees, rapid transaction finality, and enormous scalability offered by Base Chain provide TYRION with a foundation in which its features can flourish. On TYRION, both advertisers and publishers will benefit from increased performance, faster transactions, and a scalable ecosystem that does not compromise on either user experience or security.

TYRION’s take on Web3 advertising

In an effort to challenge the current digital advertising duopoly held by Meta and Google, TYRION is investing on the long-term on-chain potential of its platform. By building its product on Base Chain, TYRION hopes to usher in a future where innovative blockchain technology and advertising solutions may work together.

Base Chain’s adaptability and resilience, along with TYRION’s innovative approach to decentralised advertising, bode well for a future in which digital ads are not just viewed but also one that is interactive and users can interact with and trust.