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Tron Launches stUSDT, The First Real World Asset Token on the Network

The Tron ecosystem is set to have its first Real World Asset (RWA), with the release of stUSDT today. The primary objective is to incorporate real-time assets into the TRON ecosystem via the establishment of a decentralised RWA investing and management system.  Eventually, the JustLend-operated stUSDT platform will become the cryptocurrency equivalent of Alipay’s Yu’e Bao, a money market fund service provided by Alibaba.

Leveraging the appeal of RWAs and Tron’s USDT dominance

stUSDT was created by RWA DAO, and JustLend DAO is responsible for maintaining it as part of a custody agreement between the two entities. The JustLend DAO has the highest TVL on TRON and is one of the most promising DeFi initiatives currently underway. TRON also has the largest USDT circulating supply (over $46 billion) and the second-highest TVL (after Ethereum), all of which will most likely contribute to the natural expansion of stUSDT.

The stUSDT token is a decentralised digital asset used to verify ownership of RWAs. Token holders on the platform gain access to real-world assets that generate passive income. By bridging traditional markets with blockchain ecosystems, stUSDT will provide crypto users greater freedom of choice.

The stUSDT platform will host a promotional event from July 10 through August 10, 2023, in which users can earn an APY of up to 10%, significantly more than the typical 5% in the sector. Also, from July 3rd through August 10th, users can take advantage of discounted stUSDT redemption fees.

The stUSDT platform is on a mission to bridging the gap between individual and institutional investors and the crypto and real-world investment communities. Significantly, this is the first effort within the TRON ecosystem to tokenize and distribute RWAs. The platform also promotes investments in RWAs, which are tokenized and made available to the public.

Similar to Alipay’s Yu’e Bao, stUSDT uses blockchain technology to allow users to create passive income streams and withdraw their funds in a risk-free and transparent manner. Furthermore, the stUSDT.io platform provides a secure channel for blockchain users to interact with real-time assets using decentralised smart contracts.