Education Webinars

Learn how to trade Forex, stock market indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies with our experienced trading instructors. Every month we host a multitude of educational trading webinars covering varying topics, including live trading. The purpose of our webinars is to help new and experienced traders to widen their understanding of the financial markets.

Join a free webinar now from the list seen below and pick up a new idea that might help you with your trading!

In our webinars, we cover technical analysis topics such as candlesticks, price action, trading patterns, Fibonacci, how to manage your stops and entries, how to derive a trading strategy, deal with money management and much more. We also cover different trading styles, such as what is swing trading, day trading, scalping, and position trading. Other aspects covered in our trading webinars are trading psychology and the importance of journaling. The webinars are presented in various languages, and if you don’t find something interesting, you could see our trading education videos, for a large selection of educational trading webinars.

Finally, if you are interested in daily analysis of the Forex, commodity, indices, and cryptocurrencies markets, check out our free European morning brief session.

We hope you will enjoy our trading webinars.

List of Trading Education Webinars