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TraderDAO’s AI Tool TradeGDT Takes Bybit’s Derivative Market by Storm

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Trading is a major driving force in the development of the financial markets and the global economy as a whole. Market prices for assets, securities, and cryptocurrencies are often determined through trading activity. However, since human productivity has been the limiting factor in crypto trading, where everything moves at such a lightning pace, the need for AI in trading has never been greater. Artificial intelligence that mimics human performance but has the cold logic and efficiency of a robot will usher in a revolutionary new era.

Trading with AI and the TraderDAO

Since the beginning of 2022, the TraderDAO team has been working on integrating AI into crypto trading. The decentralised autonomous organisation has presented TradeGDT (Trading Generative Data Transformer), an AI-powered trading tool, to meet the needs of the cryptocurrency trading market. This tool is powered by data provided by the DAO. With the addition of new members, the DAO team has been able to move much faster on developing TradeGDT.

TradeGDT is an improved quantitative trading bot for large data that employs AI. The integration of the ChatGPT add-on allows for smarter and more adaptable user communication. With the help of TradeGDT, traders can make better decisions, work more efficiently, take less risk, better manage their portfolios, and execute trades with greater speed and precision.

What’s in it for users?

Users can interact with TradeGDT to place orders and even get alerts to changing pairing dynamics. TradeGDT uses AI pattern learning to examine user data, a dynamic trading model, and the trader’s own profit model. It can then become the trader’s AI smart trading helper, improving upon the trader’s own abilities as it formulates a set of trading models for automation execution.

TraderDAO has launched the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to the market in close conjunction with Bybit, and they’ve made quite an entrance, generating more than 10% ($330mil) of Bybit’s 24-hour Trading Volume in just 4 hours.

As a trading fee-sharing token in TraderDAO, $POT serves as the incentive for training AI with data, which in turn increases trading volume. The other token, $HOT, serves as the platform’s governance token.

All that traders need to do to earn $POT and earn from the platform’s fee sharing premium is engage in trading. Each $POT minted has a cost that must be covered by a refund on trading fees. Therefore, $POT is issued with a 1:1 real yield asset backing, and the $POT treasury will expand in value as the market continues to put fresh transactions in, with the data from these trades fueling the development of TradeGDT through AI pattern learning.

As the fuel used to power all of TradeGDT AI’s forthcoming features and capabilities, $HOT is intrinsic to the platform’s utility. $HOT also serves as the transaction token that helps propel the trading revolution forward.