USDCNY: Yuan Strength Continues on Huge Trade Pact

USDCNY continues to push lower after the Yuan gained on China's huge RCEP trading pact. The new deal saw 15 nations across the Asia-Pacific region signing up to the world's largest regional free trade agreement.

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USDCNY: Chinese Yuan Gains on Biden Election Lead

USDCNY saw big gains into the end of the week after Trump’s pole position in the election was surrendered with Joe Biden apparently closing in on the win despite the ongoing count. The state of Georgia has announced a recount while legal wrangling continues in other swing states. The country […]

USDCNY: Yuan Falls as Trump Moves Into Election Pole Position

The USDCNY rallied on Wednesday after President Donald Trump took pole position in the election race. The incumbent needs 57 votes for a second term, but he appears to have a hold on the key state of Pennsylvania, which provides 20 votes, and also Georgia and North Carolina, which would […]

USDCNY: Yuan Rises After China Unveils New Five-Year Plan

The Chinese Yuan bucked the U.S. dollar strength this week after the Chinese leadership unveiled its new 5-year plan. The current plan expires in 2021 and this was set to define the nation’s economic policies until 2026, but with a view to 2030. China will follow a “dual circulation” model, […]

USDCNY: Dollar and Yuan Slug it Out With Strong Data

USDCNY bulls got a much-needed rally this week after strong U.S. inflation results. Although the numbers came in as expected, the release showed there is still underlying support for prices in the world’s largest economy. The inflation figures came in at 1.4% which was expected by economists but helped to […]

USDCNY Trades at Yearly Low as Trade Talks Continue

The USDCNY pair is trading near its 2020 low once more as the Chinese currency strengthens on U.S. dollar weakness and a commitment from both superpowers to reach a phase one trade deal. Negotiations had been planned for August 15th but were postponed by President Trump who stated in an […]