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USDCAD also is known as Loonie amongst Forex traders, is the ticker symbol in FX markets that represents how many Canadian dollars you can buy with one US dollar. USDCAD is one of the major FX pairs with liquidity and narrow spreads. USDCAD is a commodity pair because the Canadian economy is a natural resources export economy. The other commodity pairs are AUDUSD and NZDUSD. Important role to the value of USDCAD plays the price of oil, due to large trading volumes of oil between the two countries. Other factors that affect the Loonie exchange rate are interest rates, unemployment, economic growth, and public deficit.

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USDCAD Ascending Triangle Hints to More Strength Ahead

The USDCAD pair forms an ascending triangle ahead of the GDP release later today. Moreover, the bullish pattern might be interpreted as part of a pennant formation – another clue that the pair’s recent strength will likely continue. These days it is all about the U.S. election and the USD. […]


USDCAD Reversal In Place – Can It Rise More?

The USDCAD pair is one of the best performers this September. It rose from 1.30 to almost 1.35 after forming an inversed head and shoulders pattern. The reversal pattern acted like a textbook one – similar consolidation on the left and right shoulders, then the price heading for the measured […]


USDCAD Still Has Room to Advance – 1.35 in Focus

The USDCAD pair formed a classic reversal pattern at the 1.30 level – an inversed head and shoulders with a measured move that points to the 1.35 level. Once again, the pair found support at the 1.30 level, a key level with multiple technical implications on the bigger timeframes. Both […]

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USDCAD: Dollar Rally Gathers Pace with BOC Rates Ahead

The USDCAD was higher last week as the greenback tried to shake off months of weakness against global currencies. Strong manufacturing data and a drop in the unemployment rate made traders believe that the U.S. economy was mounting a real recovery….

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