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Save the Date: USA Election, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and will be the 59th US presidential election.

President Trump will most likely face former Vice-President, Joe Biden. To better understand what changes and challenges the USA, stock markets, and the US dollar could face, we have produced an overview of both candidates. You will learn about their background, what policies they have implemented, and what is their likely agenda if they would win the presidential election. Learn more about the candidates now.

Donald Trump

Born in 1946, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States in 2017. Before the election, the consensus among market participants was that Trump was bad for stock markets. But the opposite was true. What are his challenges and plans for 2021? Learn more now: Who is Donald Trump?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the former vice president, and the Democratic party nominee, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1942. He is pro-business and could scale back on the trade wars with China, this could send stocks higher. Learn more about him and his policies: Who is Joe Biden?

The probability that Donald Trump or Joe Biden Wins USA Election 2020

The chart below shows who is likely to be the next US President following the 2020 presidential election. The probabilities are presented by Oddschecker, which is a website that compares the odds from many bookmakers. Polls and surveys are also used to understand who could be the winner, yet they did poorly in the 2016 Presidental election, and also the Brexit referendum. Typically, the odds from the bookmakers tend to be better as a forecasting tool, as it shows how people are actually betting money on outcomes they believe in. But they are not without their problems, as big betters can skew the probabilities.

Who is Joe Biden?

As we are getting closer to the U.S. presidential election, investors try to understand what the implications of a Biden win will be on USD and stocks. The 2020 Presidential elections are unique as the USA is facing the biggest economic crisis since the 2009 financial crisis, and in that, […]

coronavirus - trump

Who is Donald Trump?

In this article, you learn about President Donald Trump; what he accomplished in his first presidency and how it affected the USD and stock markets. We will also look at what he might focus on if he wins the 2020 presidential election, some of the arguments by the Democrats will […]