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Platinum prices have been in an uptrend since 2000, and an increase in demand for diesel cars drove platinum prices in 2008to $2,300/oz as the rare metal is used for catalysts in diesel cars. In 2017 the need for platinum fell after a drop in demand for diesel vehicles over speculation that governments will increase taxes to owners of diesel cars. In August 2010, the platinum price dropped to $760/oz, just to start a rebound that is intact until today as the platinum price was trading $970/z at the time of writing. 

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal that is even more rare in nature than gold. Platinum is used both for jewellery while in the last decade it used in many industrial applications and especially in the auto industry for catalysts in diesel cars.  

There are two countries that produce around 90% of the platinum supply: Russia and South Africa. The fact that platinum production requires a lot of energy and capital to acquire a pure ounce of platinum, it is no wonder why supply is one of the main factors determining the platinum price. Because platinum produced by two countries creates opportunities for monopoly-like behavior, that can influence the platinum price.

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Platinum Price Breaks Down: Is a Bigger Decline Ahead?

The Platinum price has broken two key support levels and looks likely to head lower. Supply is also set to increase as South African miners return to work as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Platinum (XPT/USD) has benefited from favourable market conditions this year. The price has been boosted by a weaker […]

Platinum price

Platinum Price in Positive Momentum Resistance at $950

Platinum price trading 0.23% higher today as the precious metal recovers some of Friday’s sharp losses. The precious metal is in bearish market since 2011 as the fundamentals shifted for the platinum. The platinum industrial demand dropped in recent years as automakers have turned their production to gasoline engines rather [...]
Gold Prices

Platinum Breaks One-Month Lows As Selloff Continues

Platinum continued its precipitous selloff for the 7th day in a row on the back of increasing risk sentiment in the market. The upbeat market mood has been a nightmare for commodity assets, with precious metals such as gold and silver also taking hits. Platinum is currently trading at 867.19. [...]