Top 5 Best – And the worst – Dow Jones Stocks in 2021

The Dow Jones index is having a good year. It has already jumped by more than 14% and is hovering near its highest level on record. The index also underperformed the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index for a substantial part of the year. This performance is mostly because of the strong […]

Microsoft Stock slides after-hours, despite an earnings beat.

Shares in tech giant Microsft (MSFT) lost 2.6% in value in after-hours trading, despite reporting better-than-expected earnings. Earnings: $1.95 per share vs. expectation of $1.78 Revenue $41.71 Billion vs expectation of $41.03 There was no doubt that the star-performer is Microsoft’s ‘Azure’ cloud computing platform, which has continued to show […]