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What is GBPCHF?

GBPCHF is the fx pair that shows the exchange rate of the British Pound (GBP) against the Swiss Franc (CHF).  The GBPCHF rate is telling investors how many Swiss Francs are needed to buy one British Pound. The Swiss Franc currency is considered by investors as a safe haven asset due to its history as a refuge for wealthy portfolios from global economic and geopolitical risks. Swiss Franc is mostly a stable currency with low volatility so the most critical currency in determining the GBPCHF exchange rate is the British Pound which moves as the British economy fundamentals change over time.


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GBPCHF: Upside Break On Bullish Pennant?

After a strong 800-pip rally from October 8 to October 17, GBPCHF has consolidated within a 70-pip range for over a month. The daily chart reveals a bullish pennant. Does this mean the currency pair is getting ready for another strong rally? GBPCHF looks to be trading above the consolidation [...]