In this section, you will learn more about the GBPAUD pair, but also be able to read our latest news and technical analysis for the currency pair. You will also find a live chart. 

Investors use fundamental and technical tools for their GBPAUD analysis. The GBPAUD outlook in the next months will be affected by the health of the British and Australian economy and the relationship between the UK and Eurozone after the Brexit.

What is GBPAUD?

GBPAUD is the forex pair that tells investors how many Australian Dollars (the Aussie) are needed to buy a British Pound (GBP).


According to the Bank for International Settlements, the British Pound (GBP) is one of the most traded currencies in the world, followed by the Australian Dollar (AUD). The main factors affecting the GBPAUD rate are the monetary policies of the two central banks, the Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of Australia. GBPAUD news also affects the pair. In the previous months, headlines around the Brexit developments were the main factor that drove the GBPAUD price.  

GBPAUD Live Chart

GBPAUD Latest News

AUDUSD Australian dollar

GBPAUD Moves Lower and May Test Support Level

The GBP to AUD pair has turned lower today and risks testing the support of the recent trading range. Today’s release from the U.K. saw construction PMIs come in lower at 54.6 versus expectations for 58.5. The data suggests that the construction sector is not expanding as quickly as hoped. […]


GBPAUD Higher on First Aussie Recession for 30 Years

The GBPAUD was higher after Australian GDP came in worse than expected, confirming the first recession down under for 30 years. The market had been expecting a reading of -5.2%, but the actual number was -6.3%. The latest release was the worst number since records began in 1959, but the […]

GBP Rally Falters Versus AUD, Will Price Head Lower?

The GBP to AUD exchange rate has seen a recent rally fizzle out and prices could head lower from here. A rally in the pound started against the Aussie on July 22nd at 1.7695 and has seen a double top capping gains at 1.8410. The UK economy is currently a […]