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AUDUSD is also known as Aussie between forex traders, is the ticker symbol in FX markets that represents how many US dollars you can buy with one Australian dollar. The price of the pair is affected by changes in both economies and could be affected by changes in monetary policy from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Federal Reserve (FED). The Australian dollar was floated in 1983, and its value closely tracks commodity prices and the Australian Terms of trade. The Australian Dollar’s strong link with commodity prices is because Australia is one of the worlds biggest exporter of commodities such as liquefied natural gas, coal, iron ore, aluminum ores, wheat, and beef.

The Aussie is one of the most liquid traded forex pairs in the global markets, and its fluctuations affect many companies around the world. More than three-quarters of Australia’s exports are to Asia, and Aussie is therefore often used as a proxy bet on Asia, and in particular China. If Asian currencies (Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Baht etc.) are under downward pressure, in general so is the AUDUSD.

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Australian Dollar News (AUDUSD)


AUD/USD Forecast: Can it Get Back to Its Two-Week High?

AUD/USD is rebounding after closing lower on Wednesday. However, it remains below the 3-year high it hit in late February at 0.8000. This follows RBA’s decision to main interest rates at 0.10%. With the completion of initial $100 billion bond-buying program, the second phase is set to begin in the […]


AUD/USD Bearish While Below 0.77 – Will Resistance Hold?

The AUD/USD pair tests for the second time the neckline of a head and shoulders pattern, trading with a bid tone in the last sessions. However, traders should not forget that the head and shoulders is a bearish pattern, and retesting the neckline is only normal market behavior. As always, […]


AUD/USD: Review of the RBA Interest Rate Decision

AUD/USD is trading sideways as the market reacts sparingly to the RBA interest rate decision. Australia’s central bank has left interest rates unchanged at 0.10%. The figure coincides with analysts’ expectations. The decision has come at a time when the country’s property market is experiencing a boom. According to numbers […]


AUD/USD Head and Shoulders Hints At More Downside

The AUD/USD pair consolidates below the neckline of an inversed head and shoulders pattern, with a bearish perspective. The market looks bearish, but one should not be surprised to see the neckline tested again, perhaps multiple times more. Later today, the ADP or private payrolls will offer the first glimpse […]


AUD/USD Head and Shoulders Points to a Move to 0.7350

The AUD/USD pair shows signs of exhaustion. The pair consolidates on the right shoulder of a head and shoulders pattern and looks vulnerable to more downside. This is one of the currency pairs that benefited the most from the stock market rally seen since the start of November last year. […]


AUD/USD breaks out of the bullish flag ahead of preliminary retail sales

AUD/USD extended yesterday’s gains to hit a 2-week high. On Thursday’s session, the pair was up by 0.34% to trade at $0.7824 after bullish employment numbers from Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country created 88,700 jobs in February compared to January’s 29,100 entities. The figure is […]


AUD/USD Rising Wedge Completed – 0.70 Next Target

The AUD/USD pair broke the 2-4 trendline of a rising wedge – a wedge that started last April. From that moment on, the pair, together with the U.S. stock market moved hand in hand, making new highs. The breakout poses some challenges to the bullish thesis. Unless the pair has […]


AUD/USD At Resistance, Head and Shoulders Points to Weakness

The AUD/USD pair is currently at horizontal resistance given by the right shoulder of a head and shoulders pattern. The market is resilient despite the recent weakness in U.S. stocks, especially in the tech sector. While the Nasdaq 100 and other U.S. indices corrected yesterday, the move lower in the […]