AMC Stock Price – Is $100 Impossible?

2021 brought one of the most interesting changes in financial markets, as the retail trader learned the power of the options market. The derivatives market is made out of futures, forwards, options, and swaps, with options giving traders the right but not the obligation to exercise the option at expiration. […]

AMC Stock Price: Bearish Breakout Threatens the Bullish Case

AMC is one of the meme stocks that flourished in 2021. It is not about the main business’s ability to generate revenue but about the retail community’s interest in speculating on most popular stocks, such as the GME or the AMC. The AMC stock price had a terrific run recently. […]

AMC Stock Price: Possible Pennant Suggests More Continuation

The volatility in the traditional financial markets has decreased significantly in the last trading days, but not on the so-called meme-stocks. The AMC stock price just had a tremendous rally yesterday, squeezing higher on a combination of call options buying and short-squeezing. AMC is just the stock replica of a […]

AMC Stock Price Falls As Mudrick Capital Sell Millions

The AMC stock price has retreated from its high on news that Mudrick Capital has sold its entire stake, calling the stock “overvalued.” AMC is last trading at $32.04, +22.66% Yesterday AMC Entertainment revealed they had taken advantage of the recent rise in its stock to raise capital. Given the […]

AMC Stock Price Surges 27% After $230million Share Sale

AMC stock price is up this Tuesday after AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc announced a capital injection of $230 million.  According to the announcement, this capital injection came from a sale of 8.5million shares to Mudrick Capital. Proceeds of this share sale will finance investments into theaters in time to benefit […]

AMC Share Price Rockets As Short Interest Increases

The AMC share price finished the day higher by +19.96% on huge trading volumes. Is short-squeeze round 2 on the cards? AMC Entertainment (AMC) was one of the biggest stories in January. Along with Gamestop (GME). In the face of a global lockdown, hedge funds had taken huge short positions […]