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TON Foundation Releases Tonkeeper Wallet Browser Extension

The TON Foundation, an independent group of developers and crypto enthusiasts working to promote The Open Network (TON), has announced that Tonkeeper, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It is the first cryptocurrency wallet from the TON ecosystem to be available in Firefox, and the inclusion of support for Chrome and Firefox significantly increases Tonkeeper’s potential user base.

Tonkeeper lowers entry barriers and improves user experience

The TON blockchain, on which Tonkeeper is based, is a layer-1 blockchain that offers nearly infinite scalability, lightning-fast transaction rates, and low transaction fees. Due to the lightning-fast transaction confirmation times, this blockchain is perfect for developing dApps that process massive transaction volumes.

Since billions of people use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the integration of a wallet extension into these browsers greatly reduces the barriers to entry. Furthermore, it does it in a way that successfully expands upon TON’s earlier efforts to promote widespread use of blockchain technology.

Also, the availability of Tonkeeper for Chrome and Firefox is a strategy by the TON Foundation to bring more users into the TON ecosystem. Accessing the TON ecosystem is much easier now that TON is working to provide user-friendly and intuitive dApps that will encourage widespread use of blockchain technology.

Tonkeeper employs end-to-end encryption and cryptographic key storage on user devices without requesting or needing user identification or verification in any way. To further simplify things, the Foundation plans to launch an integrated exchange, allowing users to trade Toncoin on decentralised marketplaces. This will provide yet another entry point into the TON ecosystem.