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Symmetry Launches UI for Decentralized Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds

Symmetry.fi, a Solana-based infrastructure layer for Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds has launched its long-awaited user interface (UI). The platform provides an integrated solution for the development, administration, and trading of funds that seek to revolutionise the way their users manage their portfolios by way of crypto indices and actively managed funds.

This cutting-edge on-chain asset management infrastructure is powered by the Symmetry Engine and includes everything from on-chain funds and indices to multi-token liquidity pools, liquidity routing between indices and decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregators, and public APIs for other DeFi projects to integrate Symmetry products seamlessly.

The prices of all assets used by Symmetry products are determined by Pyth, a trustworthy pricing oracle, and fed into the Symmetry Engine. To properly calculate fund valuations, rebalancing triggers, and buy/sell values for investors, this is essential.

A game changer by Symmetry

Both fund managers and end users can benefit from Symmetry’s many features. Managers have the option of either creating a trustless Crypto Index with established rules or managing funds with various tokens that reweight, rebalance, and refilter according to the manager’s own rules. Individuals can build their own actively managed funds or indices and trade those of others or of automated systems.

In the event that an index or actively managed fund’s token weights deviate from their target weights, Symmetry’s liquidity supply functionality enables them to serve as liquidity providers on DeFi aggregators like PRISM and Jupiter. Because of this revolutionary feature, rebalancing mutual funds incurs no expense. In addition, unlike conventional methods, where indices and funds often pay fees on exchanges to rebalance, it generates income from aggregator users for fund managers and holders.

The introduction of the Symmetry User Interface promises to bring about change in the way Solana blockchain users engage with and manage their cryptocurrency holdings. The platform intends to facilitate the creation of index funds by users, the management of on-chain funds and portfolio strategies, the conversion of wallet portfolios to funds, and the integration of index or actively managed fund tokens for trade.