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Swych Finance Launches New Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges (PDEX) Platform

Swych Finance has launched Swych PDEX, a perpetual decentralised exchange (PDEX) platform. According to Swych, it streamlines and improves the use of decentralised perpetual trades inside an ecosystem packed with exciting features.

This is also a key moment for the Swych token, $SWYCH, which powers Swych. The token is the backbone of the ecosystem, connecting components and their functions to give users the best possible experience.

Furthermore, the SWYCH token streamlines and integrates the DeFi experience for all users in Swych’s ecosystem. With its seamless integration across many features and activities, the ecosystem stays connected. Ultimately, this gives users plenty of opportunities to engage, allocate, and receive rewards on the platform.

Key features on Swych PDEX:

  • Clean interface and is user-friendly.
  • Fully integrated TradingView chart.
  • Tradable assets include BTC, ETH, and BNB.
  • Ability to set take profit and/or stop loss when entering a trade.
  • Ability to set take profit and/or stop loss after entering a trade.
  • Ability to add/remove collateral while in a trade.
  • Full position, order, and trade history details.
  • Mobile access.
  • Paper Trading mode with live pricing data.
  • Market and Limit orders.
  • PnL is the Net PnL, so what you see is what you get.

Swych PDEX gives users detailed information on their positions, orders, and trade history. This transparent setup enables evaluating trading strategies, keeping tabs on market performance, and making informed decisions. Swych PDEX features a mobile-friendly design since they understand the importance of trading when on the move. With this function, customers may easily manage their trades and remain connected to the market at all times.

The platform works with a wide range of trading strategies because it supports limit orders as well as market orders. Traders are able to execute transactions according to their risk tolerance and market expectations because of this flexibility.

Fees and Real Yield

With a focus on operational sustainability and user reward, Swych PDEX has fine-tuned its price structure. The fee on perpetual trading on Swych PDEX is 0.1%, applicable to every trade. In addition, there is a liquidation fee of $5, which is for covering risk when the value of a leveraged position drops below a particular level.

Finally, there is a small execution fees, with a range of 0.0025 to 0.0025. The platform’s minimum fees are designed to stimulate trading activity, as they are needed for executing trades.

The Swych PDEX platform is self-sustaining and user-rewarding thanks to its actual yield fee mechanism. This approach keeps the exchange running smoothly and helps investors get their money’s worth.

Swych PDEX’s real yield is the amount of money users make from the exchange after deducting all of the trading costs. An essential part of Swych PDEX’s business value proposition is that users can participate in trading and also reap the rewards of the platform’s performance through the distribution of real yield.

To maintain long-term viability and provide value to its members and investors, Swych PDEX has instituted a system of strategically distributed fees.

Trading Incentive Program

In the near future, Swych PDEX will launch a new programme that will reward traders according to their volume of trade. This volume-based promotion is designed to encourage traders to be active on the platform by offering real rewards to those who participate in trades frequently.

If the trader’s volume reaches $25,000, they will receive $10 in USDT. The goal of this incentive scheme is to motivate more trading activity by providing a direct monetary benefit those who are actively involved.