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Swaap Launches Its v2 Protocol, Aims to Disrupt DeFi Market Making

Swaap, the state-of-the-art market-making platform for top-tier digital assets, has released version 2.0 of its software. Swaap says its new version, Swaap v2, is the first of its kind to solve problems for Liquidity Providers, including impermanent loss. The release comes on the heels of a successful $4.5 million raise.

Swaap v2 has prominent launch partners behind it to guarantee high-quality functionalities and support. For instance, in order to further reinforce the safety of Liquidity Providers, Chainlink delivers essential price feeds for on-chain defensive systems and protections. The addition of aggregators such as Paraswap, Odos, and Open Ocean further secures substantial volumes on the Swaap platform.

What’s different about Swaap v2?

Swaap v2 is well positioned to democratise access to powerful market-making tools for the worldwide DeFi community thanks to its focus on usability, cutting-edge methods, solid security, and remedies for impermanent loss.

Swaap v2 is the first platform of its kind, allowing anyone (from institutions to individuals) to easily implement advanced market-making strategies. The protocol employs mathematically optimised strategies, meaning it automatically and intelligently modifies transaction costs and asset allocation to maximise profits while minimising exposure to loss. Swap v2 addresses the issue of temporary loss, which has prevented many potential liquidity sources from getting involved.

Swaap v2 incorporates models developed in conjunction with the prestigious Louis Bachelier Institute. In doing so, it incorporates the strengths of proven financial market-making strategies into DeFi. Incorporating strategies that can automatically adjust to changing market conditions, it helps to safeguard returns while maximising profit. On top of that, the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems make it simple for liquidity providers to interact with a vast diversity of assets.

“With Swaap v2, we’re not just launching a product; we’re catalyzing a movement to empower people globally through decentralized financial tools. Our goal is to ensure that anyone, anywhere, has access to sophisticated market-making strategies that were once reserved for high-net-worth individuals and established financial institutions,” says Cyrille Pastour, co-founder of Swaap.

Security audits and liquidity provision

ChainSecurity and Quantstamp have conducted comprehensive audits of Swaap v2. Swaap v2 also features on-chain safeguards and defensive modules, providing users with even more security.

To fully realise the potential of their assets and to obtain launch-exclusive NFT, Swapp is encouraging users to deposit liquidity in Swaap v2. Swapp created this unique digital asset as a token of appreciation for their dedication to the development of DeFi. A proposal to incentivise liquidity on a FRAX-ETH pool on Swaap v2 has been authorised by FRAX, a major stablecoin protocol, to strengthen its role as a connector token in DeFi.

To mark the launch of v2, Swaap is distributing Swaap tokens to the first group of liquidity providers. These tokens will allow for the smooth incorporation of these companies into the governance ecosystem. Users interested in securing a piece of blockchain history and gaining early access to DeFi innovation can do so by following the instructions provided on the launch site.