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Sui Blockchain Partners with Space and Time to Access Off-Chain Data

Sui, the  Layer 1 blockchain, has today announced a new partnership with Space and Time (SxT), the verifiable compute layer. The partnership will see SxT give developers on the Sui network seamless access to off-chain data. Furthermore, SxT is now Sui ecosystem’s preferred data warehouse for the Sui ecosystem, in addition to providing a full stack of zero-knowledge-proof-based (ZK) tools to developers on Sui.

A partnership that spells good news for developers

Sui is led by a team of researchers behind Facebook’s Libra and Diem projects, and it launched its mainnet in May. The network provides an enabling environment for developers to build decentralized applications and games in a manner that promotes true ownership of in-game assets. Sui’s, low fees, fast transactions and highly scalable storage are key selling points for any developer.

The partnership with Space and Time’s will give developers access to the ZK tools they need to create secure, data-driven dapps and games that integrate independently verifiable on-chain and off-chain information.

All SxT compute packages provide developers with access to the data warehouse’s preloaded, relational ZK-indexed Sui data, which they can use in their own projects. In addition, Space and Time recently introduced a Pay-per-Compute pricing model, which is welcome news for developers because they now only pay for the queries they execute.

Developers can now leverage SxT’s verifiable compute layer to build zero-knowledge-based smart contracts that are secure, verifiable, and data-driven. SxT’s innovative ZK-proof, Proof of SQL, ensures that queries are both correct and immutable. This gives smart contracts access to a compute layer that lets them do scalable computations in a trustworthy and auditable fashion.

In addition, Space and Time enables developers to run in-depth analyses of activities taking place in-game and on-chain. This is an invaluable tool in enhancing their understanding of in-game events that ultimately translate into on-chain purchases. Furthermore, smart contracts on Space and Time support querying based on in-game events to mint player rewards.