StoneX Partners with FX Online to Better Serve Brazilian Clients

StoneX Group Inc., a provider of foreign exchange services, has announced that it will now provide its Brazilian customers with access to FX Online. For quick and easy access to the StoneX global payments network, customers can use this digital platform. This development gives Brazilian customers with more options for using StoneX to make payments and more access to the foreign exchange market.

FX Online and what it means for StoneX Clients

Foreign currency trading access and expertise is provided by StoneX Group. The company offers expert voice execution and a dealing desk open around the clock. Additionally, it provides round-the-clock access to cutting-edge, electronic market data.

By automating the paperwork and pricing activities, FX Online guarantees a well-organized and streamlined process. FX Online also allows users to create a support request and provide relevant files in the event that they need help tracking down a payment. Furthermore, it promotes transparency and ensures faster processing of client requests. This is a critical element in providing client service and building their confidence. 

FX Online’s use of real-time data greatly decreases execution costs, while also eliminating human error from the traditional method of price discovery. StoneX has quickly evolved into an innovative financial services and technology firm, and FX Online is the latest addition to their suite of digital platforms for accessing the world’s financial markets and assets.

The relationship will be very beneficial to StoneX’s clientele. Through FX Online, customers have access to a streamlined platform for submitting payment requests that are then executed at the current market exchange rate. That’s why this cooperation is so important for StoneX customers: it provides them with greater insight and agency over their currency exchanges. Ultimately, this will help StoneX attract more clients to its platform. As an emerging market, Brazil is key to any financial institution that wants to build strong support structures.