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StaFi Announces 2.0 LSAAS Testnet With Support for ETH and Cosmos Liquid Staking

StaFi has announced the deployment of its Liquid Staking as a Service (LSAAS) testnet ahead of the mainnet launch of StaFi 2.0. The second iteration of StaFi’s liquid staking protocol introduces a host of powerful new features with the goal of positioning it as the preeminent infra solution for EVM and Cosmos staking.

The StaFi 2.0 testnet supports liquid staking derivatives (LSD) for leading blockchain ecosystems including Ethereum, EVM layer2s, and Cosmos. The CosWasm LSD framework supports diverse deployment approaches including Neutron, the native smart contract platform secured by Cosmos. StaFi 2.0 also supports native Cosmos chain deployment.

StaFi Co-Founder Liam Young said: “The launch of the StaFi 2.0 testnet is a major milestone in our journey to mainnet. It’s also a major boost for layer1 blockchains seeking easier access to LSD with the vast potential this vertical holds for strengthening network security, decentralization, and opening new opportunities for yield generation. The future of blockchain development is intertwined with liquid staking. StaFi 2.0 will play a crucial role in realizing that vision through pioneering Liquid Staking as a Service.”

The liquid staking landscape is currently siloed into distinct blockchain ecosystems. By providing a single protocol that supports the long tail of LSD assets, StaFi 2.0 will unlock greater economic opportunities while incentivizing greater blockchain security. The mainnet launch of StaFi 2.0 will be followed by the creation of an innovative LRT Stack that powers new restaking applications.

StaFi’s LSAAS framework promises to accelerate LSD development. This will facilitate rapid deployment of highly secure and capital-efficient Liquid Staking Derivatives on layer1 and layer2 blockchains. Using the StaFi 2.0 testnet, developers can experiment with LSD products and experience the convenience of being able to access Liquid Staking as a Service.

Billed as both a major upgrade and a major rebrand, StaFi 2.0 will see the StaFi protocol evolve into an infrastructure layer for LSD with support for multiple VMs including EVM and WASM. This will power the multi-billion dollar liquid staking industry and position StaFi as an essential component in expanding LSD and bringing restaking to more layer 1 and 2 blockchains.

The StaFi 2.0 testnet provides an opportunity for builders and developers to familiarize themselves with StaFi’s primary LSAAS features. It will also allow for further protocol improvements to be incorporated based on feedback from testers. The testnet will be followed by the mainnet launch of StaFi 2.0 which is scheduled to go live in Q3.

About StaFi

StaFi is a liquid staking service provider for Ethereum EVM and Cosmos ecosystems. Built with interoperability and collaboration foremost, StaFi allows users to utilize their staked assets across multiple blockchains. StaFi 2.0 will radically enhance these capabilities, providing new opportunities for layer1 blockchains to access Liquid Staking as a Service.