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SSV.Network Launches Ethereum Staking Built on Permissionless DVT

SSV.Network, a provider of staking infrastructure for Ethereum Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), has announced its permissionless launch. This is a major step forward for stakers, as it will greatly improve access to staking for everyone involved. The entire Ethereum community is now able to stake, create apps, and run an operator node using SSV’s community-owned open protocol.

The changes have introduced a new standard for Ethereum staking by decentralising the validation layer and strengthening the network while also providing Ethereum validators with more protection. With a stronger and permissionless architecture, SSV Network makes it easy to stake Ethereum and conduct zero-collateral node operations all in one solution. In effect, this has lowered the barrier to entry for staking.

A new dawn for validators and node operators

This groundbreaking DVT infrastructure will be open to public validators and node operators through the permissionless launch. As a result of going permissionless, it is now easier for anyone to stake and contribute to the overall health of the Ethereum network. While solidifying the protocol’s position as Ethereum staking’s go-to option, the permissionless launch will accelerate the adoption of various node operators and increase TVL.

Increased uptime and incentives are the outcomes of DVT’s efforts to decentralise ETH validators and, by implication, Ethereum overall, through diversifying clients, location distribution and expanding infrastructure. The overall effect is a stronger Ethereum and the emergence of a wide variety of staking use cases through SSV.Network.

In order to encourage the use of DVT, the SSV DAO has launched an incentive programme that will pay users 1 million $SSV tokens, which have a value equivalent to about $25 million at the current market price. This will see users rewarded for registering validators onto the network over the next one year. You can do this by staking on SSV.Network directly or by using staking services built on the DVT infrastructure.