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Serenity Shield’s StrongBox dApp Goes Live on Mainnet

Serenity Shield, the company developing security solutions for blockchain-based digital assets, has announced the launch of its premier StrongBox decentralised application (dApp) on Mainnet. focused. Hailed by Serenity as a a trailblazer in the blockchain security space, StrongBox offers security solutions for all kinds of users, including individuals, families, businesses and large institutions. Furthermore, it covers all kinds of assets, including videos, pdf files, audio and text files.

Unpackaging StrongBox: Multi-chain, decentralised, scalable storage

StrongBox is designed for multi-blockchain compatibility, offering a high level of flexibility for security needs across several blockchain ecosystems. In addition, it offers hardware independence, ensuring versatility for various use cases. StrongBox takes a departure from conventional data storage solutions in the market, which typically rely on centralised or cloud-based storage.

Instead, the dApp is decentralised and blockchain-based, with a security protocol safeguarding it against breaches such as hacking and unauthorised accesses. In addition, it gives users total control over access to their assets and data. Serenity Shield has designed StrongBox to be inherently user-friendly, without compromising security. Users can receive and transfer assets securely, using a Cloud 3.0 model in which data is fragmented and transmitted through multiple nodes and servers, ensuring that the full packet is never held in a central place at any given time.

Furthermore, StrongBox’s Cloud 3.0 model has a scalable storage capacity that can go as high as 1 Petabyte (1000 Terabytes), making it perfect for B2B and B2B2C users. In both cases, StrongBox does not need firewalls, backups, or cybersecurity, which are typically associated with Web2 cloud-based security.

Serenity Shield is on a mission to provide decentralised digital asset security solutions driven by innovation, worldwide access, and user experience. Its security infrastructure has been audited by Hacken, a renowned cybersecurity company. In addition, Serenity Shield has lined up a Bug Bounty program with HackenProof.