Serenity Shield Partners With Digital Insights Ventures To Drive Innovation

Serenity Shield (SERSH LABS CORP), a digital asset privacy protection firm, has announced a strategic partnership with Singapore-based Digital Insights Ventures to leverage the latter’s consistent services in economic, marketing, and commercial issues. The strategic collaboration will start the “implementation of a global and ambitious partnership”, a statement from Serenity Shield’s team reads. 

This partnership is an extremely strong signal, especially in the current market context, that Serenity Shield has solid fundamentals and is well positioned for the future.”

said Rodolphe Seynat, Co-Founder of Serenity Shield.

On its part, DIV will share its experience in providing long-term support for Serenity Shield’s future fundraisings, whether private or public. The consultancy firm will incorporate a methodology that ensures Serenity Shield maintains a dual value creation as well as a propagating network effect within a community of users. In addition, DIV will also assist in communication and marketing Serenity’s services to the broader crypto ecosystem. 

I am delighted about this new partnership between Serenity Shield and DIV. We are confident that it will be one of the most standout blockchain projects in the years to come. This is a project that, from inception, has been visualized, brought together and rolled out by the community, for the community.”

said DIV Founder and Chairman, Krishna Ramachandra.

Serenity Shield leverages cryptography, the private qualities of blockchains, and NFTs to secure access to and transfer of ownership of digital wallets. Simply, the firm provides a secure, non-custodial method to retrieve seed phrases, which allows investors to pass down their crypto assets in case of an unexpected death or other unforeseen circumstances.

It is certainly a robust and much-needed solution in the digital assets space, opening up a new use case for NFTs. The problem that Serenity Shield aims to resolve is so relatable and real. DIV will be assimilating all of its stakeholder community into this.”

Krishna Ramachandra added.

Finally, Seynat believes the long-term strategic partnership will allow the two companies to be sustainable, “having a real vision and proven usefulness” in the near future.