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RenQ Finance Price Prediction – Beware Of The Bots On Launch Day

DeFi -Decentralized Finance on dark blue abstract polygonal background. Concept of blockchain, decentralized financial system.

RenQ Finance is the upcoming DeFi project which has caught the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. The project successfully raised $19.3 million from 25,000 unique participants in its three months long presale. RenQ price kept increasing at the different stages of its presale.

RenQ Finance presale price began from $0.02 in its first stage. This increased to $0.055 at the eighth stage when investor interest peaked. Due to the prevailing hype, investors expect exponential gains after its launch. While it is very much possible, there’s still a catch.

RenQ Finance Announces Launch Date

According to the latest RenQ Finance news, the project will be launched on 22nd May on the biggest decentralized exchange Uniswap. The project team made the announcement in a detailed Twitter post on May 15. However, the team has yet to reveal the claim process for the presale investors.

As per the tweet, RenQ crypto will also be listed on two centralized exchanges, Bitmart and Hotbit, after the Uniswap listing. While Uniswap listing could be great news for users believing in anonymity, there are other factors that must also be taken into account on the launch day.

How High Can RenQ Go?

RenQ Finance price will depend on many factors. The biggest one will be the price at which the team provides liquidity on Uniswap. However, history tells us that Uniswap listings tend to be highly volatile as the bots manipulate the price.

Due to this reason, it’s advisable to avoid swapping in the initial few hours and let the price settle. Another factor to be taken into account is the claim of presale tokens. As soon as the claim opens, the price may have a big drop. However, in case of a higher demand, the new buyers may absorb most of the selling pressure.

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