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Raiser Launches New Funding Model For Crypto and Web3 Projects

Raiser, the crypto launchpad and accelerator, has launched a new fundraising model called Fair Community Offering (FCO) in an effort to broaden participation in cryptocurrency projects’ investment opportunities. The innovative method focuses on meritocracy to reward committed, active community members and early backers at a project’s pre-exchange listing stage, marking a radical break from conventional web3 funding models like ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs.

How Raiser is transforming fundraising

Raiser is a token-free project that promotes educated investing. The launch of the feature removal reflects the platform’s stance that enthusiasm and dedication to a project, rather than the ownership of a launchpad token, should determine investment prospects.

In contrast to other launchpads, Raiser’s Fair Community Offering targets real supporters of a project rather than mere speculators. Its meritocratic method guarantees that early-stage funding comes from supporters who believe in a venture’s mission. This not only promotes fairness, but also prioritises real supporters for potentially lucrative pre-listing investments. Furthermore, it rewards user participation and expertise through a unique gamified ranking system.

The purpose of FCO sales is to recognise and reward individuals who show true interest in and understanding of a subject. In order to take part in early-stage investments, users must demonstrate their commitment to a project’s success by performing particular actions on Raiser.

Raiser has prioritised funding Playbux, an advanced web3 entertainment platform supported by industry heavyweights Binance Labs and VISA, as the first initiative that it will fund. Furthermore, Raiser will manage the Playbux FCO in partnership with market maker, Kairon Labs. This is expected to be finalised in January 2024.

Raiser says it picked Playbux as its first FCO because of the latter’s well-designed tokenomics and remarkable metrics for community participation. With more than 16 million users and 1.3 monthly active users, Playbux is the most active dApp on BNB chain. In order to ensure the success of the initiative, Raiser plans to use the FCO to attract and retain influential members of the Playbux community.