Raiinmaker App: The Platform That Pays You to Influence Your Social Circle

Just a few weeks before the launch of its token, the Raiinmaker blockchain project has made a foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The project is teaming up with Cosmic Wire to launch NFTs that will provide support to charities working to end climate change. 

The NFTs draw inspiration from the famous Spy Booth wall murals of pseudonymous artist Bansky, thought to have been destroyed when the sidewall of a Cheltenham building bearing the mural was controversially demolished. Fragments of the mural were recovered and preserved and will now serve as the basis for the creation of the NFTs. 

Three charities will receive $100,000 and all royalties from the collaboration. The charities are the American Forest Association, Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) and Laudato Tree. 

Laudato Tree charity is embarking on an ambitious tree-planting campaign to erect 7 million trees in Sahelian Africa. The Coalition for Rainforest Nations is involved in deforestation efforts, while the American Forest Association will plant two trees for every one planted along Africa’s Great Green Wall. 

The Raiinmaker and the Coiin Token

The Raiinmaker app provides a Social Engagement Platform (SEP), providing a mutually beneficial arrangement between the project and its community. 

Raiinmaker is the platform that pays you to be an influencer. You do not need hundreds of thousands of followers to be an influencer. With the Raiinmaker app, everyone is an influencer, and you can earn the Coiin token as a reward. The Coiin token is to be listed shortly. If you have followed new coin listings on various exchanges in 2021, you know the potential in trading in your pre-listing holdings in terms of profits made in the first 48 hours of listing. 

You can acquire Coiin by joining Raiinmaker and immediately influencing your closest social network: family, friends, work colleagues. The community on Telegram is already 3,900 members strong, and deposits on Launchpool are now open for the Raiinmaker app.